Intellectual Capacity
Social Behaviour
0-12 Months

You need to touch, talk & hear him right

13-24 Months

Building the right environment is the key

25-36 Months

Time to give meaning to your child’s emotions


Based on scientific, evidence based research we have designed our ‘7 Day Activities’ - a series of easy to do, everyday ‘parent-child’ activities. Choose the developmental milestone you want to focus on for the week and follow each step for just 15 minutes everyday.

A few minutes a day can make a lifelong impact.


Pediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Child Psychologist, Developmental Psychcologist, Elementary School Principal, Pre-School Teacher, Parent Coach…

Parents Benifits


  • You develop the right habits and routines.
    The right way to talk, touch, respond,
    and explain things to your baby
  • Cover all of your child’s developmental
    areas in a structured, easy way.

    No more parental anxiety or worries
    on whether you are doing enough
  • Approach your baby’s development in a
    scientific, structured way.

    No more wondering what to do when and how

What is Baby Big Step?

Every child is special and they take their own time to grow and evolve. However, did you know that the maximum development of a child’s ability happens during the first three years of their life?

But, how do you know if your child’s skills are developing as per their age? Also, with the ever difficult work life balance, as a new parent how do you figure out what activities your little one relates to and learns from, especially when majority of activities on internet are not likely to happen in India? Becoming a parent in India demands tips, expert advices and stories from your own community. And this is why you need us - Baby Big Step. We at Baby Big Step understand how once you become a parent your entire world starts to revolve around your little baby and the right way to raise them. Keeping that in mind, we strive to provide you with the right resources on early childhood learning & development -- from expert advices to what your baby needs when, to stories and a lot more. The foundation of a baby’s intellect is built in a mother’s womb. The baby’s brain development starts three weeks after conception. It is the experiences they learn from their pregnant mother and the nutrition they receive that strengthens their nervous system. The brain keeps evolving and cultivating most of the intellect, personality traits and skills by the age of three. You would be intrigued to know that much more than heredity, it’s the early experiences of infancy that stimulate the brain development in an infant. 85% of a child’s brain develops in the first three years of their lifetime and nurturing these first few years is very crucial. Below are a few milestones of your baby that they will cross in their early childhood development phase: 0 - 12 months: The first few milestones of a newborn are both intriguing and exciting for parents. The baby loves gazing at new faces, starts to smile at parents and responds to surrounding sounds or maybe, gets startled by sudden noises. A newborn child coos and babbles at parents and people they recognize. Such milestone achievements in infants leads to the development of motor, language and socio emotional skills. With time, the baby’s visual skills start developing. They roll from tummy to side, rest on elbows, and sit propped up with hands, head steady for a short time. They start to verbalize; "eee-ahhh". This is the stage when your baby blows bubbles from their mouths and plays with tongue and displays deep belly laughters. Such signs signify the time to engage in interaction with them. Read more about parent child interactive activities for your newborn here. Parents can teach babies to wiggle and crawl; start calling names like dada, mum mum, papa; sit unsupported and pick and drop objects with our tutorials. 13 - 24 months: This is the age when your kid starts developing the other set of skills like the cognitive skills - thinking and reasoning. They start picking things up to throw them back. This helps them understand cause and effect. They start walking up and down the stairs by holding on to the rails or you, begin to jump, start verbally communicating with you and are able to understand and comprehend processes and thoughts. Usually, 13 - 24 months is the age where parents can track the normal growth patterns of a child or otherwise, seek help from early childhood development experts, if needed. With the help of our tutorials, parents can indulge in everyday 15 minute fun games and play with their toddlers to help them achieve the desired milestones. 25 - 36 months: Another crucial age for a child’s development is from 25 - 36 months. The child starts talking in sentences and their language skills evolve with a vocabulary of over 200 words. They communicate their emotions, thoughts and imitate the activities of ones surrounding them. This leads them to develop stronger communication skills. They start interacting with strangers and start developing social skills. At this age, a child can climb up and down the stairs own their own, without support and their fine and gross motor skills strengthen. It is important for parents to encourage their preschooler in daily skill development activities to unlock their full potential. How will Baby Big Step help you in parenting your child the right way? By now, you must have learnt that proper early childhood learning is imperative for your kids. With Baby Big Step you will be guided throughout the early childhood development of your baby, primarily the most important stages between 0 to 3 years of age. With this you’ll be able to judge the various developments of sensory skills, gross and fine motor skills, socio-emotional skills, language skills and cognitive skills in your baby. Trace the evolution in the skills and abilities of your infant with our milestone tracker for children. Another feature of our milestone chart for babies is that it lets you select skills and abilities you wish to enhance in your child and suggests 7-day tutorials to achieve the same. Moreover, to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the activities, you can sign up with Baby Big Step’s notification center and we will notify you via mail or SMS about your daily dose of parenting tips. Baby Big Step’s strives to make you become a better parent, a little each day. Everyday Parent Child Activities designed by early childhood development experts At Baby Big Step, we bring to you 15-minute daily interactive tutorials that you can practice with your child. These will help you nurture your kid based on their age. Inspired by scientific evidences, our series of 7-Day parent child activities can help you unlock your child’s full potential. A community of pediatricians, occupational therapists, child psychologists, elementary school principals, parent coaches and more has come together to design these expert parent child fun activities for you to unlock your baby’s full potential in the early stages.