Preschool Educator

Name: Margaret Rose Rosario Ms

Organisation: Reqelford International School

Designation: Former Principal

Location: Hyderabad

Educational Qualification: B.A. Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education


Tell Us Something About Yourself

Mangalorean by origin, with Portuguese roots, I finished my schooling and University degree in Mangalore. Hailing from a large family of ten, I can confidently say, a lot of my learning, well before formal schooling at the age of five, began in a huge one storied home with a beautiful garden full of plants and trees and animals, amidst nine other siblings and a parents, in a beautiful quaint little temple town of Udupi. A Bachelor's degree in English, Psychology, Sociology, being the first batch to pass out of the newly carved University of Mangalore, followed an uncharted path which took me into Administration, Secretarial role, Managing a Health Club for women in a male prominent society, Pre school teaching, Special Education, Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Principal of an International School in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Inspired by the English language and my desire to make a difference, I do a lot of reading, varied, inspiration and passion driven. I love to document my thoughts as well in a creative manner. Nature in all its grandeur inspires me a lot, birds, animals and everything natural is what drives my inspiration and love for life. I have deep Faith and I am not ritualistic. People, especially young people and babies inspire me. I consider myself a peoples person. It is beautiful to be and work around young people/children because that is a sure way of staying young at heart. I believe each of us is very unique and I am not someone who can be assigned to a cast/mould. I am happy to dream dreams and am willing to pay the price to make them come true, in the footsteps of Cardinal Newman.

Your Philosophy on Early Childhood Parenting

Inspired by the heart, by love, 'Gentle beneath that firmness & Firm beneath that gentleness'. Inspired by trust. Above all, each parent-child/ren relationship is unique and needs to be nurtured so. To be there for ones child and be the rock on which she/he can lean on, 'no matter what'

Why do you think Early Intervention or Experience during[0-3years] matters

The experiences of the years between 0 - 3 years are the ones that will determine how happy, secure, loving and caring, just, fair, empathic and confident an individual parents will raise.

Tell us about your organisation and how do you think it can enhance early childhood experiences

I work for an organization that focuses on world class learning experiences and confident learners and good human beings. The organization prides itself in being unique in its own way in ensuring children receive the best on offer and making a huge difference in their confidence and self esteem.

What is one unique approach you follow in your organisation

Each child is very unique and we approach this uniqueness and work with that. Most important is the truth that no matter what, a child's happiness is important and she/he needs to enjoy the environment we create and take back home that feeling of being very special and the joy that comes from it.

What are the problems today's parents are facing

Children are very intelligent, they always have been. Parents' concern is how they live up to that level of intelligence, incorporate discipline, yet be loving, without taking away from the bond they are trying to nurture between their precious child and themselves.

One advice you want to give to a new parent

Enjoy your baby, enjoy the togetherness; and let love, gentleness and common sense prevail in your nurture of this precious gift you've been endowed with.


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