Neuro Occupational Therapist

Name: Vineet Vats

Organisation: NEUROT Multispeciality Rehabilitation & Healthcare Centre.

Designation: Founder & Chief Consultant Neuro Occupational Therapist

Location: New Delhi

Educational Qualification: Master's in Occupational Therapy (Neurology)


Tell Us Something About Yourself

I have completed my Bachelors of Occupational therapy in 2010 from D.I.R.D, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University & Masters of Occupational therapy (Neurology) in 2012 from Indian Spinal Injuries Center, Vasant Kunj. * I worked and still working with several disabled population with Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Autism Spectrum Disorder(A.S.D), Down Syndrome, A.D.H.D., Developmenral delay, Orthopedic cases & many more regarding their rehabilitation, physical retraining planning. * The main goal during session is to rehabilitate the client as much as, he/she can perform their day to day activity independently.

Your Philosophy on Early Childhood Parenting

Kids are like growing buds parents can mould them according to their kids interest and capabilities. As parents are the first teacher's for their kids to teach them certain strategies which help them to grow & to learn. There is an important thing that parents can use to help their kids to accomplish the goal & that strategy is to keep tasks n things simple n in a play full manner. As play is the main occupation of kids, so plan things in a playway manner.

Why do you think Early Intervention or Experience during[0-3years] matters

Every kid needs early intervention as he is new to this world n doesn't know how to cope with the sulituations going around them. Early intervention is the gateway for the kids to enter into the new world created by us and to help them out to settle here..

Tell us about your organisation and how do you think it can enhance early childhood experiences

NEUROT journey started in year 2014, April, with a goal to help society n their loved one to live life to its fullest & to help them to regain their independence. Its a multidisciplinary paediatric and neurological therapy practice setting serving kids, adults and old age persons. We in NEUROT help childrens with developmental, physical and behavioural deficits to gain skills and learn to function as much as possible. Our skills and expertise allow us to provide innovative services to facilitate independence and minimise disability to those affected by disabling health conditions.

What is one unique approach you follow in your organisation

A child occupation is to play! Through the use of play we help kids aquire the skills needed for the job of living. We assess kids on the basis of integrated approach to the most current techniques, evidence based practice and model.

What are the problems today's parents are facing

* Busy schedule of their lifestyle n work *Easily give up to the situations * not able to find alternate solutions *not allowing their kids to enjoy nature's play (play in sand, mud, outdoor activities)

One advice you want to give to a new parent

Think like a kid n involve yourself in your kids play.


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