Name: Dr Deepti Singh

Organisation: Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Delhi.

Designation: Senior Consultant

Location: New Delhi

Educational Qualification: MBBS from GSVM Medical College Kanpur with honours and MD from GSVM Medical College Kanpur


Tell Us Something About Yourself

My only interest in getting into MBBS was to work with small children, an interest which has only increased after nearly 25 years of having children as patients.

Your Philosophy on Early Childhood Parenting

Early childhood parenting is one of the most difficult jobs for both parents because there are no guidelines for it. Both parents and children behave very individually to any stimulus. So it should be dealt with a lot of patience, maturity by the parents as child will not be able to show these qualities. But children usually respond positively to happy parents.

Why do you think Early Intervention or Experience during[0-3years] matters

Children respond to stimuli and it leads to both physical and mental growth. So stimuli should be given rather than believing that children will grow naturally by himself/herself. It is also the period of fast brain growth and if any abnormality in milestone is detected then intervention can be done more successfully.

What are the problems today's parents are facing

Problems faced by parents especially in urban areas where both the parents work are manifold. Children usually stay with maids, Crèche or if lucky with grandparents. Parents coming back home tired do have problem of spending ‘Quality Time’ with children. It is much abused word because absence is sometimes compensated by taking child out or giving into all demands of his. Parenting should be an enjoyable experience rather than felt as a burden. It should be shared by both the parents. They should be aware of milestones but not be regimental in implementing some of them but should keep an eye if their child is missing some milestones.

One advice you want to give to a new parent

If children are gift to parents, they should enjoy it fully.


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