- what your baby wants

What if we told you, your baby bonds with you from Day 1? Even when they do not speak, they are communicating with you. Try baby-watching, and you’ll decode the many ways in which your child tries to connect with you.

Explore the world of your tiny tots with Baby Big Step and identify - what your child experiences and needs as per their age.

 Learn What Your Baby Wants
 Connect & Communicate with your Baby


- Connect & communicate

with your baby

From birth, babies crave experiences and your time. Your child’s brain develops rapidly during the first 3 years and the time you spend with them defines the characteristics of their personality. But, how can parents ingrain a strong persona in kids at such an early age and with practically no time?

Baby Big Step’s age appropriate, short and fun 7-day tutorials help in fostering your child’s growth like never before.
Mind you, these tutorials are extremely easy and exciting parent-child activities nurture your relationship as parents with your little ones.


- your baby’s growth

With time, it is essential to discover if your child’s skills are developing at pace with their age. If you are feeling perplexed already, track your baby’s milestones to check and evaluate their various developmental stages.

It’s simple, just select their age and let us assist you with the rest. From suggesting the right tutorials for their development to notifying you each day for the daily dose of fun (via SMS, emails or whatsapp), Baby Big Step strives to ensure you never let your little one miss a milestone!

Track Your Baby's Growth
 Become A Better Prent Each Day


- Become a better parent
  each day

A strong community of early childhood experts such as pediatricians, occupational therapists, child psychologists, elementary school principals, parent coaches and more has come together to build the foundation of Baby Big Step for you.

With Baby Big Step, make your child’s everyday experiences meaningful. From the multiple ways of enhancing your baby’s talent, to instilling values and laying a strong foundation for their future, your journey to becoming a better parent starts here.